Security System

KKP Tower arranges the security systems for both to the Lessee and the visitors as the providing the most highly professional and reliable systems which have been working for many well-known office buildings in Bangkok, Thailand as 24 hour services. The security guards are well trained and also having the believable experienced to preventing and controlling all unforeseen threats and dangers that will be happen toward the Lessee insides KKP Tower.


Besides all above, KKP Tower also have the new CCTV System to record for all shown scenes insides the compound and KKP Tower has added another level of security within the building by installing the automatic barrier on the G floor before entering to the lift lobby of Building A and Building B. With the controlling in-out by  Access Cards, the Lessee and visitors are required to exchange their own ID cards or and cards issued by the government to collect the database in the system.


The Lessee in the compound who coming to the work by using a car will be secured by the Access Control System in the elevator waiting area in the parking lots and also the visitors who come to the compound have to go to the Visitor Control System that have to exchange the visitor card and record all statistic via the computerized system before they can coming inside and outsides to the specified company name in the compound.

Panic Alarm System is equipped at the parking area to request for any helps whenever both the Lessee and the visitors face some unforeseen accidents.

KKP Tower also notice the most important of the fire fighting and evacuation, preventing and handling terrorist, and advertising about the earthquake to warranty the confidence to the Lessee insides KKP Tower.